Thursday, July 05, 2007

Jalan-jalan cari makan in Bangkok

The good food i had in Bangkok deserve an entire post on its own mainly because they rightfully deserved to be mentioned. Right, i shall devote this entire post to the food that i am already missing now.

You know, one can never really starve in Bangkok, unless you starve yourself on purpose. A box of tapau rice can be as cheap as 10 baht (fried omelette on rice - RM1). Unbelievable!

Well, expect to see a deluge of piccies warned!

Upon arrival.....

After we checked-in, we left the hotel in search for food. And aren't we glad that there are heaps of street vendors selling tantalising food for us to choose from.

In Bangkok, there's food everywhere. For the more adventurous, you may wanna try grilled insects/bugs :P.

We tried food from the market, street vendors, cafes, as well as food courts. And so far, we have been very pleased.

From the street vendors....

We decided on a bowl of tomyam vermicelli each. 30 baht only. goshh..

Moving on, i was tempted to try this grilled rice cake. 10 baht. BUT kena conned la, it was so tough, we couldnt bite through that damn thing at all! It smelled pretty good tho...

We were giggling so hard cos it was horrible~. And so we paid 10 baht for a picture moment and for the smell (it smelled like freshly baked eggs!).

At Soi Lai Lai Sub market

We tried this muachi-like (kimochi) dessert. You can choose to have either dessicated coconut or mung beans as topping. We chose the latter. 40 baht a pack.

Black = black sesame, green = pandanus, yellow = ?, and those grainy stuffs are the beans.

We were told to pour sugar onto the sweet. Taste pretty good.

Supper time....

For supper, one can always tapau freshly cooked: omelette, chicken with sweet basil, beef with sweet basil, with rice.

i paid 25 baht for my stir-fried beef with basil + rice.


These lychees are enormous

We love these mango strips. They go so well with the shrimp paste dip, which tastes much better than our Penang heh-koh. A pack of mango 10 - 20 baht.

My FAVOURITE dessert!

I had been searching high and low for this particular dessert called "Sang ka-ya" (egg custard on pumpkin). I finally found it from a stall from Chatuchak market. 20 baht for a big fat chunk of pumpkin! Value for money!

My sang ka-ya =). It was DAMMMMNNN GOOOODDDD!!

Chilling moments..

We promised ourselves to chill and relax even though we had lots to do.

We found this particular stall (also in Chatuchak) a great hang out place to chill, have a cooling ice blended fruit juice/punch before resuming the rest of our journey.

Caryn's ice blended raspberry juice.

My guava juice was truly refreshing.

I had cravings for somtam while having our drinks, and so I asked the waiter if he knows where i could tapau some somtam over. The waiter told his boss and the boss actually called up and made an order for me.

And he personally went to collect our somtam for us. And that's not it...He unpacked the food and presented the somtam to this like this...With a stalk of orchid!! Talk about GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

The bill came up to : 40 baht (guava) + 40 baht (raspberry) + 60 baht (somtam) = 140 baht. The normal price for somtam is around 20 -45 baht. The money was well paid cos 1) we didnt wanna search for it as Chatuchak is so damn huge, it' easy to get lost. 2) we were too tired to walk.

Oh btw, this somtam was fantastic.

Food court....

For the not-so-adventurous or rather more posh and flashy ppl, you can always check out

LOFT, 7th floor, Central Chidlom.

There's an international spread of food here ranging from Malaysian (i saw laksa, nasi lemak and even mee goreng), Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, American, local Thai etc. BTS station: Chidlom.

Similar concept as Marche, we're given a card to swipe. Max credit on the card is 1000 baht.

I ordered pork with red curry and steamed fish (otak-otak).

We were forbidden to take pix. I curi-curi took these pix.

The food LOFT is very popular amongst tourists.

MBK food court (level 6). Take BTS to National Stadium.

Caryn's fried mussel omelette.

I had stew pork knuckle with rice. =)

Jellies of all shapes and colours.

i mentioned in my previous post that i like these sweets. i have no idea what it's called.
20 baht a pack.

The green bean fillings reminds me of ang-ku kueh.

Sis having her stewed beef noodle.

My fishball yong taufu vermicelli (dry)

Like i always tell my friends. I have 2 stomachs, one for savoury, one for sweets. Though i was already full, I couldn't resist buying a ham + pork floss crepe (only 25 baht!!!!!). I also found the sweet wafer (right hand) which i fell in love with during my last trip. Pure gluttony!

Pork floss in my crepe. how cool is that?!?!

My happy somtam moments!! I damn love somtams!

These nice ppl persuaded us to try their toast (which is very similar to our roti bakar).

Toast with butter n condensed milk. 15 baht.

Now you can find shark's fin as well as bird's nest soup in most thai food courts.

My cheap bird's nest with ginseng soup. 55 baht. :P. Truly, nothing taste better than the real thing!

Black Canyon coffee...

Every corner we turned, there's bound to be Black Canyon. We were constantly thirsty, so we contributed quite a bit to BC.

Oreo crunch.

Ice green tea.

All you can eat Shabu-shabu for 199 baht!

Kel told me about this fantastic value-for-money shabu-shabu restaurant along PatPong (off Natheeya). It's called Shabu shi.

Each one gets a pot of soup: clear, tomyam, or cream. Trust me DON'T ever order the cream soup, that sucked big time!

I love revolving sushi trains!

True to Kel's words, the salmon sushi always ran out very quickly. And so i ordered fresh salmon sushi from the kitchen.

I almost overlooked THIS! The staff actually highlighted timeout for us. Also notice that we're only allowed to dine for 1 hr 15 mins. For every 10 mins that we exceeded we had to pay 20 baht.

My favourite seaweed snack.

In Msia, no one's selling Tao Kae Noi's tempura seaweed yet. So, I ate this like crazy. It was damn good! 50 baht a pack!

For Mcker's lovers!

This time round, i only managed to makan at Mckers twice. I'm holding my favourite taro pie anad the samurai pork burger.

I had one and tapau-ed a taro pie back. But i gave it to a pregnant lady who's begging for money on the street. My heart went out to her. At first i donated my money, then as i was leaving, i gave her my pie. The way her face lite up really touched my heart.

My Somtam moments.....

After the yummilicious somtam which we tried at chatuchak 2 hrs earlier, I was again craving for somtam. And we found this lady making somtam on the street along CentralWorld. 20 baht a pack.

She looked really professional while pounding her ingredients. She even tasted the somtam to ensure the taste it right. But guess what? Her somtam sucked BIG TIME. My pack was so damn salty i actually finished the entire bottle of water after eating only about 10% of the pack. My sister's somtam was bitter. Gosh, aunty, where's your qc?

In order to wipe off those horrible memories i had of the foul-tasting somtam, i went to my favourite somtam guy and requested for him to make his specialty for me.

Somtam with grilled pork. 55 baht.

Now, this is more like it! =)

As I'm typing this, i'm craving for what else...but somtam. I've downloaded a few somtam recipes and i cant wait to try them out. =)


Anonymous said...

hahaha..the aunty who made somtam sure conned you guys! i wonder how a good somtam really tastes like.
never tried before. but it sure sounds good from your description.

thanks Carrie!


Anonymous said...

FOOD FOOD FOOD! You always make feel hungry! I want FOOD!



Anonymous said...

Lynn: Carrie, i'm amaze how u can eat so much but u dun put on weight at all!! SO unfair!

What's ur secret?

Anonymous said...

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